Sunday, 18 August 2019

Jules and Linda

A very short-lived Cooper troll account which was suspended before it really got going!

Monday, 12 August 2019

Darren Cooper and "Ennabran"

The unemployed "leader" of Sandwell Council used to be a mental health nurse and started encouraging Mr Andrew Hipkiss to act as his spokesman and sparring partner - presumably as an act of kindness as Hipkiss keeps alleging that he is suffering from mental illness. Mind you, Cooper has kept his registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council until 31st July, 2016 and so you must wonder whether it is appropriate for a registered nurse to be egging someone on to troll via social media.

Regular readers will know now that Hipkiss was using the troll account @OdgenW before Twitter suspended it and that he then IMMEDIATELY converted an account in his own name to @Ennabran which helpfully enabled us to eventually identify and expose him.

You can see from this, however, that Cllr Cooper clearly knows who @Ennabran is:

Of course, Cooper himself has form for using a covertly taken photograph of Julian Saunders on his own Twitter account and here he is supporting the self-proclaimed mentally-ill person for doing the same thing:

The actual photo was used by Hipkiss is a ludicrous attempt to claim Julian had been out "campaigning" with UKIP as it showed him chatting in the street with UKIP's Ric Keeling, whom he knows!!!! Bizarrely, Julian was actually in Wednesbury following up a story on covert photography ie that a senior Labour Councillor had authorised misuse of Sandwell Council's RIPA powers to spy on a member of its own staff.

Compare and contrast the top message above to this which Cooper sent to @OdgenW just hours before the troll (who Cooper knew the real identity of all along and who we now know as Andrew Hipkiss) was suspended by Twitter:

And so it goes on....

Monday, 5 February 2018

Miscellaneous Cooper Trolls No1

Scott Brown as @brumskidder & others suggesting Julian's wife having an affair:

Unite The Union Members banding together:

Rickers following @westbromskidder:

Cooper trying to suggest that Julian trolling himself!

Contact -

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Brian Rickers of Unite the Union.

1. Darren Cooper worked hand in glove with Unite the Union's local Regional Organiser, Brian Rickers, on his trolling campaign. At some point, Cooper became aware that Linda Saunders had complained to West Midlands Police about Cooper's harassment of her and her employers. It is highly likely that WMP tipped Cooper off about this and as the archetypal playground bully he immediately made his own complaint to WMP about Julian Saunders. Even though WMP had done nothing about Linda's complaint, Julian was immediately contacted and "invited" to attend a police station for interview under caution. The Police, who are great protectors of Sandwell Council, gave Julian a very hard time and, initially, took Cooper's side 100%. But he couldn't resist bragiing about what was going on. Here both Cooper and Rickers communicate with the Ennabran troll account operated by Cooper's associate Andrew Hipkiss and Cooper pretends that he has to remain silent:

2.  Cooper then had the grovelling "Chief Executive" of Sandwell Council, Jan Britton, also make a complaint to the Police which he duly did by saying that he felt "harassed" by Julian likening him to a spineless organism and putting up a picture of an obese, bearded man dressed in a pancake costume! Despite the obviously ludicrous nature of this complaint, once again WMP took this completely seriously and backed Britton to the hilt against Julian. In the meantime, Julian was supplying detailed information to the investigating detective and, finally, the penny dropped when Cooper started to openly "recruit" his Unite pal to also make a complaint. This was too much even for Cooper's friends at WMP who finally saw through the conspiracy:

3. This exchange finally made WMP see the light particularly as it seems that Rickers did not actually see the Police and the investigation against Julian was duly dropped. Cooper had wasted hours of police time at a time when he was, laughably, Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel!!!
Here Cooper and Unite's Rickers openly copy in the troll Ennabran (Andrew Hipkiss).

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Second Attack on @bcrover Account.

Darren Cooper's mate, Andrew Hipkiss, has managed to get Julian Saunders's Twitter account @bcrover permanently suspended. It is extraordinary that Twitter should take this action noting that they had suspended the @OdgenW account operated by Mr Hipkiss but then let him run on with his @Ennabran account.

Once a troll, Twitter - ALWAYS a troll.

This blog has revealed the extremely close links between Darren Cooper and Andrew Hipkiss eg

Let us just remember a couple of tweets. Cooper was regularly praising Hipkiss when he was running the now-suspended @OdgenW troll account:

In the famous sting of Cllr Darren Cooper he admitted he KNEW who @OdgenW whilst the troll was still on Twitter:

When Twitter suspended @OdgenW, Hipkiss originally hid his identity whilst continuing to troll via @Ennabran but then Julian exposed him and he went public. Cooper then went public too:

Please see the other posts (above) for much more evidence of the link between these two.

Hipkiss was quick to trumpet the news that Julian's account had been suspended and his was retweeted by the account that allegedly belongs to Mrs Hipkiss:

Hipkiss has continued to crow about how clever he is with two blogs on a host of tweets

We understand that Twitter have not told Julian why his account has been suspended but Hipkiss appears to be giving the reasons behind his complaint:

1 There is a spurious allegation that Julian is mocking Hipkiss's alleged mental health condition. He has not but he has stated that even if Hipkiss has genuine mental health problems that does not make him exempt from Twitter's rules and he should not be allowed to use this as an excuse for vicious trolling;

2 Julian pointed out to Twitter that Hipkiss had deliberately farmed thousands of followers to "protect" his account and make it look legitimate (Twitter WERE fooled by this and overlooked his previous history of trolling). It is a matter of public interest that someone who has used Twitter to farm followers should then ask them for money via crowdfunding!

3 Hipkiss uses Twitter to maintain that he is housebound (and he used this in the pitch to get money via other Twitter users). It was in the public interest for Julian to expose in his blog that Hipkiss had managed to overcome all this to fly from the UK to Disneyland, Florida for an holiday! Hipkiss has publicly admitted this and says that the DWP gave him permission for this!!!!!

4 The plea for funding allegedly came via Hipkiss's son who claimed to be on the national minimum wage despite doing well at a well-known Birmingham media agency for two years and five months. Some of the people ths agency attempt to do business with are very keen to only deal with companies that pay the living wage and not the minimum wage and, given the agency's PR propaganda in the city, it was in the public interest and legitimate to ask whether they WERE only paying the minimum wage. They cannot be compelled to answer for reasons of confidentiality but it was legitimate to ask Hipkiss's son to simply show evidence that what he was saying in an attempt to get money from the general public is actually true.

And so at this moment in time, Twitter are siding with a known and suspended troll against Julian who writes a well-read blog in Sandwell which Darren Cooper has been trying to close down for two years. Nice!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


This troll account was started in November, 2015 and started to farm some followers but came live with trolling in January, 2016 and immediately started along the same themes as all the trolls associated with Darren Cooper with attacks on Julian and Linda Saunders. This troll has even been copying in the new Chief Constable of West Midlands Police - presumably because WMP have indicated that they will not investigate the troll network associated with Cooper (who just happens to be the Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel).

The troll started with a profile picture taken from a Russian dating site. Really genuine isn't it Twitter?

The troll did the usual Cooper network thing of accusing any account holder who is critical of Darren Cooper of being trolls themselves and actually of being operated by Julian Saunders. As ever, and just as with the trolls with whom Darren Cooper associated himself with, the trolls are trying to get Twitter to take down Julian's account:

Many of the now suspended troll accounts attacked Linda Saunders as being a woman of low morals who takes money for sex and who was always losing her knickers. This troll carried on the theme and for good measure called Linda a scumbag. (We think we know the reason for this additional abuse but cannot share it with you just yet....)

The trolls like to frequently mention that Julian and Linda Saunders live in Kings Norton and do so here with another "knickers" hashtag:

Darren Cooper and Brian Rickers of the Unite union have harassed the employers of Linda Saunders (a charity) and another charity of which she is a trustee. Most of the troll accounts which Cooper has chosen to associate himself with have done the same.

Here is a tweet in text form as the name of the charity has been redacted:

"@brummytaff @bcrover Any time #cowards #BullsTalk #Knickers #linda Saunders @xxxxxxxxxxx (employer) #Keyboardbullies #Tweetstorm".

And here the troll mockingly alludes to Linda's work again:

This tweet is almost identical to one over a year ago from trolls whom Darren Cooper associated himself with:

In a real stinker, the troll (who likes, as above, to mention Kings Norton) has seen a press report of a poor woman missing from "Norton" and used it to suggest Linda Saunders had gone missing:

This person is spoiling for a fight and, coincidentally, all this started straight after Julian Saunders exercised his democratic right to leaflet on the public street outside a meeting attended by Darren Cooper least Wednesday. It is clear that the target for this troll is Julian Saunders but, as with most of the troll accounts Darren Cooper deliberately chose to interact with, Linda is also harassed and abused simply because she is Julian's wife (plus, of course, that these people are vicious bastards and cowards):

Such is the weakness of Twitter that when Julian Saunders put in a complaint about this troll they refused on 1st February, 2016 to take it down and wrote:

Addendum 06/02/16

The trolls return to a familiar theme:

But then farewell to the Smolensk Siren as the troll again copies those of old and changes profile:

ADDENDUM 20th April, 2016 - Here is a screenshot from today which shows that, despite the death of Cooper, one of his associates is still active and you will see that there has been yet another change of profile picture and that the troll is now using Julian's old profile photograph from his @bcrover Twitter account and which is still his Facebook profile picture. The troll is currently stalking Linda Saunders.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Triumvirate - Part 1

1. The threesome - Darren Cooper, Brian Rickers and Andrew Hipkiss regularly communicating with each other: